The B Series Multi-Fuel Biomass furnace provides unlimited heat and hot water for large spaces and multiple applications. It can burn wood chips, wood pellets, ag screenings or coal and is a great way to save money if you’re heating a large area.

BTU output

400,000 to 500,000

Water Capacity

312 Gallons


4056 LBS

Dimension with Insulated Housing

84″w x 92.5″h x 110″l


8″ Double Wall Insulated

Fuel Storage, 15′ diameter 18′ high Bin

2300 Cubic Feet


2 Return, 2 Supply, 2″ Outlets


220 volt, 40 amp

Fuel Your Independence

Why the B Series is Right for You:

  • Energy Independence – Take control of your energy costs! The HeatMasterSS Biomass furnace grants you freedom from fluctuating fossil fuel prices. Fuel flexibility ensures your energy independence by allowing you to burn fuels that are readily available and economical including wood chips, pellets, coal, ag screenings and more.
  • Easy on You – Offering the ultimate in convenience and ease of use, B Series furnaces offer peace of mind.
  • Built to Last –  HeatMasterSS combines the best materials with expert engineering to create the most rugged, longest lasting furnace available. We use Titanium enhanced 409 Stainless Steel which is the only product that can provide the right blend of longevity and cost effectiveness to meet our very high standards of excellence.
  • Partners in Independence – We are committed to developing enduring relationships with all of our customers..

The B Series furnace offers unlimited heat and unlimited options. Here are just a few ways you can use it:

  • Large applications include barns, greenhouses, recreational facilities, warehouses, etc
  • High volume water uses include car washes, pressure washers, cement and aggregate production and so on
  • Grain drying
  • Lodges and campgrounds
  • Construction sites and remote applications
  • Snow melt


Automated Features:

  • Fuel Feeding: No messy or heavy loading. Won’t jam or burn back.
  • Walking Fire Grate: Walks stones and clinkers to the ash drawer while stirring the fuel for a better burn
  • Ignitor: Relights the fire for you
  • Ash Removal Option
  • Heat Exchange Tube Cleaning Option
  • Firebox Sight Glass
  • Indoor and Outdoor Installation
  • Ash Drawer for Easy Ash Removal
  • Touch Screen Control

 Every step of the process is automated to be efficient, safe and trouble-free.

Just make sure there’s fuel in the bin!

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