Heatmasterss introduces the new B500 Biomass Furnace, manufactured for the commercial sector to save money on heating costs.

The B500 can burn multiple fuels including coal, wood chips, pellets, ag screenings and more. 

It offers:

  • 500,000 BTU’s
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic feed
  • Low maintenance
  • Ability to tie into your existing system
  • Low emissions
  • High efficiency

Optional Features:  Automatic ash removal and remote monitoring

How can the B500 save you money?

Prices accurate as of Fall, 2016 and based on regional pricing in Manitoba. This is a comparison of the cost of fuel based on cost per million BTU’s.

Wood Chips




Natural Gas


Wood Pellets




Heating Oil




Choose A Set Up That’s Right For You


Outdoor Flat Bottom for wood chips. Outdoor packages include insulation and housing

Indoor Flat Bottom. In this example, fuel would be stored on the platform.


Outdoor Hopper Bottom for pellets and screenings. Outdoor packages include insulation and housing.

Indoor Hopper Bottom for pellets and wood chips

We’re conducting research to determine who would find this unit most useful.  Please complete the survey here to help us offer the best product possible.