Here are two ways to get a new Heatmaster ss furnace in time for winter!

1. Take a look at the new GS series furnace offering a LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE

2. Consider these helpful financing options to smooth the process of getting underway with wood or coal heating.


By financing your purchase, you can:

  • Make your purchase right away and be ready for winter
  • Explore the monthly payments for all of the models and choose the one that’s perfect for you
  • Avoid high credit card interest
  • Preserve your monthly cash flow

Take control of your heating budget with a new wood or coal furnace and find a dealer near you to get the process started.





There are many state energy programs as well that offer incentives for the use of biofuels and wood energy.

Click here to see a comprehensive listing of programs by state.

Click here to see the government sponsored woodstove changeout program.