Our Dealer Network

G Series furnaces are built to the highest quality standards but it’s good to know that they are also backed by our extensive network of professional dealers.

Our dealers are with you for:

  • Expert installation of your furnace or just good advice on how to install it yourself
  • Assessing the heat load of your specific property so that you get the size of furnace you need
  • Furnace repairs and installation adjustments as situations change
  • Questions you may have about wood burning such as advice on wood storage or management as well as tips on the most efficient wood or coal burning techniques
  • Ongoing support as questions arise and guidance is needed

Our dealers are there to help you at every stage of the process of setting up your new HeatmasterSS product. We take pride in our service as well as our products.

Call one of our dealers today to find out more about how wood or coal heating can fit into your lifestyle.


Would you like to become part of our Heatmasterss dealer network?

Working with Heatmasterss offers you the chance to develop a thriving business by partnering with a high integrity company and selling a top quality product.


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