Using Heatmasterss EPA certified wood furnaces is actually a carbon neutral approach that can benefit the environment by keeping forested areas healthier and more accommodating for plant and animal life.

Fossil Fuels

When oil, gas, and coal are burned carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. That carbon has been buried in the earth for millions of years so this process increases the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere.


Burning wood is carbon neutral because trees absorb CO2 as they grow.

  • About one ton of carbon is absorbed for each cubic meter of wood.
  • When trees fall in the forest and rot, the same amount of carbon is released as if they were burned.
  • This cycle can be repeated forever without increasing carbon in the atmosphere.

When trees are burned for heat, the carbon produced would be in the atmosphere anyway from the tree decomposing when it falls.

When proper forest management is practiced, wood collection contributes to the forest’s health by maintaining a level of differently aged trees and creating a habitat for a mixture of plant and animal species. A healthy fuel wood market is key to a sustainable forestry plan because landowners have more incentive to remove trees and manage their forests sustainably knowing there is a market for the wood.

The Wood-Heating Industry has Evolved

Burning wood produces small particles called particulate matter which can aggravate certain health problems in high concentrations. Old technology like open fireplaces and wood heaters could not burn the wood completely but the new generation of outdoor wood furnaces emit up to 95% less particles. They produce almost no visible smoke. Heatmasterss G Series furnaces are the latest wood burning technology and greatly exceed the emissions limits set by the EPA as well as the Canadian standard CSA B415.

Using the latest technology, wood burning is a clean, renewable energy source. What’s more, when the G Series gasification process is used wood consumption is reduced up to 50% compared to a conventional wood furnace, further reducing their impact on the environment.