All HeatMasterˢˢ furnaces come with an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty.  The firebox and water jacket are covered under 100% warranty for the first 5 years, more than twice as long as the leading mild steel competitor.  As long as you own the furnace, there will always be a portion of warranty on the firebox and water jacket.  Parts not made by HeatMasterˢˢ such as electrical components carry the manufacturer’s warranty.  For more information contact your dealer.

409 Stainless Steel is built for high temperature applications like your furnace.  Titanium enhanced 409 Stainless Steel is the only product that can provide corrosion resistance, high heat tolerance, efficient heat transfer, longevity and cost effectiveness.  Other metals like mild steel just can’t stack up.  For more information click here.

Your dealer can provide expert installation to make sure your home stays comfortably warm all year.  You can also install the furnace yourself.  You’ll need to run insulated underground lines to each building to be heated and heat exchangers in the present heating systems in the building.  A circulation pump will be installed on the back of the furnace to circulate hot water through the lines and heat exchangers.

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You do not have to use antifreeze in your system but it is recommended if you live in a cold climate and will shut the furnace down for a few days or more at a time in winter. Propylene glycol is the only type of antifreeze allowed in your furnace.

Yes! You can install a G Series furnace inside a shop, garage or outbuilding. We do not recommend installing them in your home though. Ask your dealer for more information on what to be mindful of when installing your furnace inside a building.

Water treatment should help protect your furnace and plumbing system from corrosion, scale and sludge by maintaining critical elements in the water. The water treatment we have chosen also contains a corrosion inhibitor that vaporizes and forms a protective barrier on the metal in the water jacket and installation system, essentially coating the metal and reflecting and/or neutralizing the harmful properties in the water that can cause corrosion or pinholes in the steel.  Our treatment has 5 active ingredients designed to keep the system in good condition for many years.

We make cleaning your furnace quick and simple, no matter which furnace you buy.

If you buy an MF or C Series furnace, cleaning ash out of your furnace is as easy as shaking the grates, removing the ash pan and dumping the ash.

G Series furnaces produce very little ash. When cleaning your G Series furnace, use your ash rake to pull ash out from all sides of the brick in the lower combustion chamber. This process takes 3-5 minutes.

When choosing a location for your furnace, it is important to consider a few different factors:

  1. Choose a location that is easy to get to by foot and vehicle
  2. Choose a location you will be near at the times of day you plan on loading your furnace
  3. Consider prevailing wind directions and any possible effects on your neighbors
  4. Consult with your insurance company and any local governing authorities having jurisdiction. If you don’t have insurance, then go to the Motor Trade industry to get some.

Most furnaces are installed 30-100 feet from a home.