HeatMasterˢˢ produces indoor and outdoor furnaces that run on wood, coal or multi-fuels in the most efficient way to save you money on your heating costs. 

HeatMasterˢˢ is the only indoor/outdoor furnace manufacturer to meet the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards for most products in the market.

We always strive to stay a step ahead of our competitors in product innovation to provide you heat, while saving you money and protecting the environment.

Why HeatMasterˢˢ furnaces?

Easy to use

Due to clean burning technology, our furnaces do not have build-ups throughout the fuel burn. This reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance, which means less trips to the burner to check on it. And most importantly, our furnaces are made to fit outdoors, as well as indoors such as garages and workshops.

It saves you money

All our furnaces are high in efficiency, especially the G-Series. And they all burn 30% – 50% less fuel than other furnaces in the market. This reduces the cost to run them.

Built to Last

All HeatMasterˢˢ outdoor/indoor multi-fuel furnaces are built with Titanium stainless steel. This gives them a very high level of corrosion resistance, efficient heat transfer while maximizing the thermal expansion with a continuous temperature control. This gives our products a very long lasting life. 

Our outdoor/indoor multi-fuel furnaces are not just for heating homes; they can be used to heat pools, hot tubs, pressure washers and your home’s entire water supply. They can also be used to keep livestock warm and fulfill any other heating needs in the farm.

Service/Dealer Network

Our products are available through our vast network of dealers and service options are always available for every product that you purchase from HeatMasterˢˢ.

Contact our dealers today to find out how our furnaces can be useful for you.