Making high quality outdoor wood furnaces

Our Company

HeatMasterss is a family-owned company which has manufactured and distributed it’s own line of high quality outdoor wood furnaces since 2001. Through our dedicated staff and management we have many more years of knowledge and experience. We relentlessly pursue improvement in our products and our company.

Four Great Reasons to choose our HeatMasterss boilers

Through our experience creating high quality wood and coal boilers, we have discovered four pillars that keep our focus on you and our product.

High Quality Build

We seek out the best possible materials and components to create our furnaces including 409 stainless steel. This commitment to quality allows us to offer our customers the best warranty in the business and prevents problems with our furnaces down the road. We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer which attests to our focus on quality.

Easy to Use

Convenience is a high priority at HeatMasterss. Outdoor furnaces are meant for rugged use so we find the balance in our features between being as convenient to use as possible and being too fussy with technology.

Great Support

We give you the support you want through our large dealer network. We support our dealers with proper training and guidance so you have the best possible resource. It provides a great sense of security knowing that help is just a phone call away if you have any issues or just need some advice.


Using wood or coal heat is often about saving money. Our products are highly efficient so that you can burn up to 50% less wood than a conventional outdoor furnace. We keep our prices as economical as possible and provide financing and promotions periodically to help even more. We make sure that buying a Heatmasterss furnace is a great long term financial decision.

These four concepts are our north star for keeping our products top quality and our customers happy. You only need to ask someone who owns a HeatMasterss furnace to know they are the best furnaces on the market.