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Are you either thinking on playing a video game or switching to a wood burning furnace but unsure of what you can heat? Well, you’re in for some great news!

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With a wood burning furnace such as Goodman brand furnaces, you can heat your entire household. No matter how large or small your home is, take comfort knowing that a wood gasifier can provide enough heat to keep you comfortable even through the harshest of winters. A furnace will even work with your driveway’s snow melt system. Have a hot tub or swimming pool outside? That can also be heated.

In addition to your home, you can heat multiple buildings at once like a barn and garage. So when you head to your car in the morning, the vehicle will be nice and toasty.

You can essentially heat anything as long as you can route heated water from a furnace to a building or appliance.

You can do all this with just one furnace. Smaller G-Series furnaces can heat approximately 3,000 square feet while the largest G-Series can heat up to 9,000 square feet.

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