An outdoor wood furnace that’s rugged and easy to use.

An outdoor wood furnace that’s rugged and easy to use.

HeatMasterss creates the best outdoor wood furnaces available. These rugged hot water furnaces will save you time and money because they’re constructed to be the most durable and convenient on the market.

A wood heating system allows you to eliminate your heating bill and can often tie in to your existing heating system. Contact one of our dealers today to learn more about the very best outdoor furnaces for your home or business.

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Rugged and easy to use. It uses about half the wood of a conventional furnace!

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What are Outdoor Wood Furnaces?

HeatMasterss indoor/outdoor furnaces are among the most effective boilers available today. These furnaces are sometimes referred to as wood boilers, wood burning outdoor stoves or hydronic heaters.

They are placed outdoors approximately fifty feet from a building, usually close to the wood source. However, G Series high efficiency models may also be placed indoors such as, a garage, shop or outbuilding.

Indoor/outdoor boilers are hot water based appliances. They heat the water in the water jacket surrounding the firebox and run it through insulated pipes to the building they are heating. The hot water ties into the existing heating systems through a heat exchanger and can also provide domestic hot water, adding to the savings. It is a great option for radiant floor heat as well. For more general information, read our ebook

Why is Titanium Stainless Steel the best choice for Indoor/outdoor furnaces?

Titanium, corrosion resistant stainless steel is the only product that can provide the right blend of longevity, cost-effectiveness and other critical traits that meet the HeatMasterss standard of excellence.

Where can Outdoor Furnaces be Used?

Our indoor/outdoor furnaces can have many uses. Along with central heating and hot water for a residence or business, they can provide heat for hot tubs, swimming pools, pressure washers, driveway snow melt systems and almost anything you can imagine that needs a heat source around the residence.

Will Wood Heating Save Me Money?

HeatMasterss indoor/outdoor furnaces are built to last, so once the cost of the unit is accounted for, you will have many years of free or inexpensive heat to look forward to. Your HeatMasterss dealer will be able to provide service and replacement parts to keep your stove running far into the future. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty ensures that you that we stand behind our furnaces. Our best advertising is our many satisfied customers.

For reviews on our furnaces, check out Furnace Compare

Advantages of Titanium Stainless Steel

Heat Tolerance

Titanium Stainless Steel can withstand continuous temperatures of up to 1400º F while carbon steels used in other outdoor furnaces begin to oxidize at 800ºF. When other furnaces start to breakdown in high temperatures, our furnace just keeps going.  When we say durable and long-lasting, we really mean it.

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless Steel is stainless because it has chromium oxide film layered on the steel. This film keeps oxygen from penetrating and corroding the material (rusting). This is why you see mild (carbon) steel rusting while sitting out in the open. Mild steel will start slowly corroding away from the first day of use. This is why many mild steel furnaces are at least 1/4” thick to give the furnace a longer life span.

Heat Transfer

Titanium Stainless Steel has the best heat transfer capability of any steel used in indoor/outdoor furnaces, having about 60% more heat transfer capability than 304 stainless steel and a similar heat transfer capability to mild steel when factoring in the thickness of material necessary for mild steel furnaces.


Why are we able to use thinner material in our indoor/outdoor furnaces? Because Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel was designed and developed for high temperature situations and to withstand corrosion.

Thermal Expansion/Warping

Again, Titanium Stainless Steel outperforms all other stainless steels used in indoor/outdoor furnaces having a very low expansion rate and one that is similar to mild steel. This is why you will see furnaces made out of 304 Stainless Steel warp and spider crack often and be very hard to weld on. This is also why you can see our furnaces withstand a fire or burning low on water while other furnaces cannot.