We offer three components to help you build a great business

1. A Product To Be Proud Of

  • HeatMasterˢˢ has a stellar reputation in the industry for offering a high quality and long lasting furnace.
  • We build our furnaces with titanium enhanced 409 Stainless Steel which is proven to be more resistant to warping, cracking and corrosion while offering better heat transfer.
  • We provide a comprehensive warranty for our products that demonstrates our confidence.
  • Our furnaces exceed EPA standards.

2. Outstanding Support

  • Training is our top priority for new dealers. You can feel confident if you become a dealer that you are bringing the necessary expertise to your customers.
  • Our brand enjoys national advertising support that generates sales leads for our dealers. We also engage in local co-op advertising programs and run specials and promotions throughout the year.
  • We provide high quality print and display promotional materials for you to use at shows and other venues.
  • Our all important dealer network also includes territory reps for extra assistance so that a new dealer always has the support that they need.

3. Dealer and Customer Financing

  • Both dealers and customers often need financial support to install new wood heating solutions.
  • We provide a solid floor planning program for dealers that allows them to stock and distribute furnaces with the least friction possible.
  • We also work with a trusted financial partner for customer financing. This allows for quick credit approvals and financing promotions.
  • These programs let our dealers work with maximum financial flexibility to keep their business strong..
Image of the front of an outdoor wood burning furnace

“I’ve been selling HeatmasterSS furnaces for about 4 years. There are a lot of features that I like about the furnaces. I found the high quality of the build attractive, it looks very professional.

HeatmasterSS has been great to deal with. The few times we did have a problem it was quickly dealt with. It makes my life easier to know the factory will stand behind it’s product. I’ve sold other brands in the past and I did not have that kind of support.

They also show a lot of sales support. They are out there at shows making their product known. With previous companies a lot of that was left for me to do. They listen to the dealers and actually change and improve the product from that input. That has made the product even better over time.”

Buster of Norris Tree Service

“I’ve been selling outdoor furnaces for 4 years. I did 2 years of research before committing to a brand and I’m absolutely convinced that HeatmasterSS has the best product for the best price. It’s a lot of stove for the money. They have found a good balance between features and simplicity which helps it’s reliability.

I’ve experienced super dealer support. Those guys walked with me through the whole process, from HVAC to installations to sales support. Getting to know the people at HeatmasterSS has been a huge plus. I feel I know them and that I can call if I have a problem. I can call my factory rep here as well for answers.

We’ve had very few units needing repair and the ones we did have were due to operator error. Overall it has been a great experience selling HeatmasterSS furnaces.”

Steve at Highland Welding

HeatMasterss Dealer Requirements 

The HeatMasterss brand has been built on a commitment to providing high quality products and industry leading service.  Our dealer network is a critical component in the maintenance of our brand and the development of long lasting relationships with our customers.

Here are some of the basic requirements for joining the Heatmasterss team of authorized dealers.

Maintain a Minimum Inventory of Furnaces and Parts

  • Average start-up cost range of $20,000 – $30,000

Service What You Sell

  • Answering customer questions
  • Training customers on proper operation and maintenance
  • Dealing with any warranty issues

Become Thoroughly Trained in our Line of Furnaces

  • Training opportunities are available at the factory and at some regional meetings

Promote Our Products

  • Advertise locally
  • Provide an online presence
  • Participate in local and regional trade shows

Does this sound like you? Apply today to join the HeatMasterss team.

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